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the-knotThanks to a review from a very special client of ours, the knot has asked Falcon Film Studios to be a featured company not only on their website, but also in the magazine! That’s right, one of our lovely brides will be featured in knot magazine for at least 6 month’s. The Knot, if you don’t already know is the go to place to find the best wedding vendors in your area. The magazine is very popular!

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Wedding Beauty Tips From a Pro

Written By Lauren Gauci

I have been doing hair for 7 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I have done many weddings both in salon and on location and I love all the parts of it. I got married last June and realized the hairstylists job is not only to make you look fabulous on your wedding day but to help you feel confidant up until also. It’s such a special thing to be a part of. I’ve picked up a lot of great tips along the way and wanted to share the most important ones to help your wedding day a success! Feel free to check out my work!

  • Minimize make up, hot tools & tanning    

Keeping your hair and skin healthy before your wedding day is the best tip I can give you. Try to wear as little make up as possible in the week leading up to your wedding. The same goes with your hair, the more you use flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers the more damaged and less shiny your hair will look. Especially if you have been skipping on hair cuts to grow out your hair. Most people would say to avoid tanning completely however if someone told me that about my wedding I would say their crazy! If you’re going to tan you should keep it minimal and safe. I would stay clear of spray tans unless you have a lot of experience with them. Next, remember to wax your eyebrows at least a week out from the wedding and don’t try any crazy new hair colors.

  • Come to your appointments prepared

First off scheduling a trial appointment is important. Regardless if you are going to your trial or it’s the morning of your wedding make sure you know how to prepare. Always wear a button down shirt or one with a loose collar that you can easily take off without messing up your hair or make up. Make sure your hair is clean but never wet when coming to the salon. I recommend washing your hair the night before and letting it air dry over night, you can blow dry in the morning if it’s still damp. Using a round brush, flat iron or curling iron right before your appointment makes it harder for us hairstylists to meet the end goal.

  • How to choose a hair style for your wedding

Choosing a hair style for your wedding can seem impossible so here are some tips to make it a bit easier. Remember the theme of your wedding, your dress style and any hair accessories you plan on adding. Try to think about how you usually wear your hair. Although this is your “big day” going with a style similar to something you normally wear will be more fitting. If you never wear your hair up on any other day consider something with one side pinned up, half up or put up loosely with hair still around your face. Remember the shape of your face. If you have a round face try a little volume at the top. If you have a long, oval face try a wider style that can be seen looking straight at you. Everyone wants to look fabulous for their wedding but people should also be able to recognize you!

  • Keep a pure diet

Keeping healthy months out from your wedding is extremely important. However I suggest staying away from abnormal diets within two weeks before the date. In that final week drink plenty of water. Try to stay away from greasy foods or anything that is high in sodium and alcohol. Eat food with natural antioxidants to help keep your skin and hair glowing. My favorites are pomegranate, berries and artichokes. Also if your yo-yo dieting leading up to your wedding you’ll be paying more for altercations to the dress.

  • Choose make up that will last all day

A lot of brides wonder whether to choose airbrush or traditional make up. I will always recommend airbrush make up for any day that long. It’s the best way to get as close to your natural skin tone as possible, it lasts all day, it’s water proof and it wont smear while you’re giving out hundreds of hugs. If you’re going to get it done make sure to seek a professional with great reviews. Also finding a salon that specializes in both hair and make up is more convenient.

  •  Prepare the groomsmen

We can always expect the ladies to be ready and looking good on the day of your event but the guys might need a helping hand. Remind them to get their hair cut at least a week before if it fits their style. Be careful of tan lines that come with fresh hair cuts. Prepare them a gift basket for the room with hair products, deodorant and toothbrush. What would they do without us!

  • Remember your hair stylist

As a bride and a stylist I have been on both sides of the fence. On my wedding day I felt confidant because I trusted my stylist. On your wedding day we do everything we can to make you feel as confidant as I did. We invest a lot of time planning for your day and we love the follow up. Try to remember and share your wedding pics on social media with your hair stylist.


Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding


       Planning an outdoor wedding in Michigan can be seen as a challenge. Thanks to our unpredictable weather, committing to an outdoor event is not for the faint of heart. However, by knowing a few simple tips, it can easily be a success!



  • First and most importantly, be sure to have shelter for your guest’s. You should always have a tent or gathering space that will fit all of your guest comfortably. The best thing to do is have a tent with walls that can drop down to the ground when needed. Even if the weather’s bad, good shelter will save the event. You can use the tent as a backup for any planned outdoor activities such as a ceremony. 

  • Be Sure your vendors are as prepared as you for unexpected weather. Safety should always come first for your guest’s and staff. Vendor’s such as DJ’s use open face electronic equipment. That means if it gets wet it will instantly need to be shut down to reduce risk of shock. The vendor’s should all have a plan to keep the gear functioning properly throughout the evening.

  • Worry about temperature as much as precipitation. In the Month’s of July and August you can find some real hot day’s in Michigan. If you have industrial fans or heater’s to keep your tent cool, or warm you will be fine. Also, having good airflow in the tent makes it a much more comfortable environment. With a good temperature inside the tent, you also give your flowers a better shot at lasting throughout the evening. 

  • Set the tent up a day or 2 early. Setting up the tent a day early can effect the cost of your rental. However you may find it worth having the ground nice and dry for your event. If it rains the day before and the tent goes up early the day of, you may find that the sun won’t have time to dry the ground. 

  • Keep restroom’s close to the tent. Nobody want’s to go on a mile long adventure through the woods, in a dress, while it’s storming. Keep the bathroom close, and you will keep your guest’s happy!

  • Be optimistic! Let’s be honest, like Alanis Morissette nobody want’s it to rain on there wedding day. The best thing to do if it rain’s is embrace it. In my opinion, it makes for some awesome pictures and video!  






Top 5 Places: Indoor Engagement Photo’s MI

5. Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn Michigan


With such diverse locations all under the same roof, It’s hard to not list this museum as one of the top Michigan locations to shoot pictures indoors. Some of my favorite spots inside include Lamy’s Diner, Hero’s of the sky exhibit, the train, and of course the many classic automobiles.

4. The Inn at St. John’s, Plymouth Michigan


Many people know of the Inn a St.John’s for their elegant reception halls, lush golf course’s, and beautiful gardens. However, It’s a great place to shoot regardless of the season. Indoors, the Inn offers vast location’s including an art gallery with curving walls, long glass sided hallways and of course the beautiful chapel.

3. Trapper’s Alley, Detroit Michigan


Trapper’s alley is a hidden gem located in the Greektown district of Detroit. It’s a quaint multi-floor mall that reflects greatly the history of Detroit architecture. Although this spot doesn’t have as many locations as the above, It still is a very suitable place to shoot photo’s. The short single hallway mall has a very unique design. The lighting makes for superb shots. I recommend shots from the ground up.

2. GM Renaissance Center, Detroit MI


The renaissance center is obviously a gem on the coast of our beautiful skyline. It comes as no surprise that the interior is as gorgeous as the exterior. The cylinder based architecture provides beautiful curved catwalks as well as great depth of field for photos. Scattered throughout the building you find views of the city, art and incredible architecture to build the perfect backdrop. This is one of my personal favorite spots to shoot in the great state of Michigan.

1. Greektown Casino Hotel, Detroit MI    


Greektown Casino hotel lobby is my favorite place to shoot indoors, especially for brides and grooms. In the lobby alone you will find a beautiful staircase that stretches the room. Once on the staircase you will notice the fireplace, glass chandelier and fine architecture. The lighting and colors that fill this room are incredible to say the least. This is a great spot to have an indoor photo shoot in Michigan.


Thanks for reading, check out our current winter offers on wedding services!



Michigan Wedding Vendors

10 Things To Ask Your Wedding Vendor Before You Book

Falcon Film Studios | Wedding Photography

1. Are you independent, or do you work for a company?

  • Find a company with a team of creative individuals to serve you on your most important day. Of course you will find independent people that have beautiful work, but no back up plans because they are on there own. God forbid your DJ or photographer breaks a leg when carrying copious amounts of gear. It’s important that the company you choose has BACK UP PLANS and people to save the day!

2. Are you preferred at any major banquet hall or gathering space?

  • When a major hall recognizes the skill of a company they often will make them the preferred vendor of the establishment. They aren’t usually willing to put there name on the line for just any run of the mill company. As long as one major hall vouches, you are more likely going to be satisfied with your vendor.

3. Do you guarantee back up gear?

  • Regardless of a vendor’s skill, there is no way to guarantee the equipment will work for the entirety of the day. Be sure they have a back up plan that won’t cost the service any quality.

4. What if it rains?

  • Hopefully your day is blessed with sunshine and a perfect temperature but let’s be honest, Michigan weather is unpredictable. Your vendor should have a plan backed by experience in the event of rain. Quality of service should never reflect the weather.

5. How simple and efficient are your online planning forms?

  • The event planning tool’s provided by your vendor is a HUGE reflection of there quality. You will find most companies still have you fill out a paper planning form for them to file. This is a risk because now you are counting on the fact that they will make copies and hopefully not loose or damage your planning form before the event. An online planning tool allows brides and grooms to update planning forms at there convenience. Also, the vendor should be able to see all the changes as they are made so that they can properly prepare. The form should be clean, easy to use, and informative to the vendor.

6. Are you insured?

  • Don’t run the risk of going with a non-insured vendor. Most hall’s wont allow a vendor without insurance and they have the right to turn them away even after you have put down a deposit. NEVER RISK LOSING YOUR DEPOSIT BECAUSE OF THE HALL”S REQUIREMENT’S. Ask your vendor for a copy of the insurance, especially DJ’s.

7. Can you have the same success when teamed with non-affiliated vendors?

  • If you decide to go with multiple companies to vend your event, be sure they can function the same on their own as they would of with the team they normally work with. For example, when producing quality video of the reception, it is imperative that the video team acquires clean audio of speeches. This is normally done through the DJ’s microphone system. Will it hold the video team back if a DJ is chosen with gear they are not used to? There is never an excuse to produce work with a lesser quality than that of which they showed you upon booking.

8. Are your reviews certified?

  • Nowadays its quite easy for a vendor to fake a review. Be sure they are paying in to an accredited site such as, or These types of companies make it nearly impossible for a vendor to fake reviews. Also, those websites make it easy for the vendor to share those reviews on there website or social media. A non-certified review is basically worthless.

9. What is your availability this season?

  • This question is important because it allows you to know how many other people are purchasing the same product as you. It will add comfort knowing that you are among a large number of other brides and grooms hoping for satisfaction from that specific vendor. It’s hard for a vendor to fill there schedule with low quality products.

10. Can we try out your services?

  • Never… I repeat never go for a service that is unwilling to give you a test drive of some sort. Wedding’s are expensive and it’s important to know exactly what to expect from your vendor. Successful wedding companies will always let you test there services. Some will give away free services before you even book so you know what your getting. For example, if your thinking of a specific photographer, ask them if they will shoot a few engagement photo’s of you “on the house”. You wouldn’t buy a car without first giving it a drive, why do it with your wedding vendor’s.