The Downtown Plymouth Wedding Ball

Derek Gauci

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Falcon Film Studios Photographer

Starting off as a clothing designer Anthony quickly learned the importance of a high quality fashion photo. He studied the art of lifestyle fashion photography and has learned to perfect it. His wedding photos often look like something out of a vogue magazine. As a bonus, Anthony is very laid back and easy to work with. Clients almost always remark at how much fun they had while shooting with him. Contact us today to see a full wedding gallery from Anthony!



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Falcon Film Studios Photographer

13494861_10154496645993296_811145677560398054_nFelicia is a well kno13490610_10206555765314135_3552158808686521305_own local photographer to Detroit. She’s snapped some extraordinary photos of the city and it has gotten her a lot of recent attention.  Felicia is often featured in the news and was even personally interviewed by the Detroit Metro Times. Not only is she at the top of her game with Detroit landscape Photography, Felicia has now found a new passion in shooting weddings. She has a creative vision unlike anybody else. Book with her Today!
















New Year, New Gear…

As we kick off our new year we wanted to be sure that our progression could be noted. That is why we upgraded our fleet of camera’s and accessories.

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our team, the Sony A7s Mark II.SonyA7sII-700x309

This Camera is more than bad to the bone in curb appeal. The Sony will allow us to shoot our wedding videos in the highest definition possible (4K). Shooting in 4K gives us a clear edge over our competition as most of them are still shooting in standard high definition or 1080p. Secondly this beauty offers extraordinary slow-motion at 120fps for those amazing once in a lifetime moments. Last but not least the A7s has a full frame sensor. A full frame sensor is equivalent to the size of 35mm film which is the stuff you see on the big screen in theaters. The full frame sensor allows us to get those low-light shots without constantly blinding you and your guests with spotlights.



Falcon Film Studio’s releases trailer for Ubër Killer!



No ride is safe in this this gruesome slasher flick.  Driven by outlandish gore and a heavy dose of comedy this 20 minute short will keep you guessing the whole way through. While the story seems clear cut, the characters within soon discover a fate that none could predict.

Although the film has had several small private screenings, it is yet to be premiered on a major scale. In the weeks and months to come you can definitely expect more public and private showings and film festivals both locally and nationally.

Mainly, we hope our audience is most excited for the absolutely FREE online release of the film. As we wait on word from a few festivals we will keep you posted on the date once it’s announced.

For now, enjoy the teaser trailer!!


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Introducing Our new drone AKA The Falcon

Say hello to the eye in the sky! 

“Okay so maybe we went a touch overboard with this one… Is it just me, or is aerial footage one of the coolest additions to a video? With a name like Falcon Film Studios it only seemed fitting to bring you the vision of just that… a falcon!”

When it came time to sit down and choose a drone to add to the gear the choice was simple. Although a lot of our competition decided on drones much cheaper in cost than ours; we knew deep down that the DJI Inspire 1 was the drone for us. With its 4k and slow-motion recording capabilities, this camera blows away most others. More importantly, unlike many other drones the inspire allowed us to fully control the motion of the camera.  This capability is only possible with 2 controllers and 2 drone operators. The landing gear actually raises in order to give you a 360 degree view without the blades hindering the shot. Needles to say, this is one impressive bird.


Next, we have smaller drones such as the Spark, Mavic, and Phantom. Each of these drones made by DJI come in handy for different situations. As the Inspire is much larger than other drones, these smaller options are great for indoor flights, tight maneuvers and noise reduction outside.

Most importantly, safety is MAJOR concern for Falcon Film Studios. We chose a drone manufacturer we could trust. With DJI’s many safety features, and our extended pilot experience we are confident that we can safety take your wedding video to new heights.

Contact us today and ask about the drone. Normally if the weather is right, it doesn’t take much to get The Falcon in the sky!

Check out the difference a drone can make! 

Heather & Zach tie the knot

Go Heather! Go Zach! Go Blue!#TheFalconDifference

Posted by Falcon Film Studios on Tuesday, September 5, 2017




Wedding Beauty Tips From a Pro

Written By Lauren Gauci

I have been doing hair for 7 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I have done many weddings both in salon and on location and I love all the parts of it. I got married last June and realized the hairstylists job is not only to make you look fabulous on your wedding day but to help you feel confidant up until also. It’s such a special thing to be a part of. I’ve picked up a lot of great tips along the way and wanted to share the most important ones to help your wedding day a success! Feel free to check out my work!

  • Minimize make up, hot tools & tanning    

Keeping your hair and skin healthy before your wedding day is the best tip I can give you. Try to wear as little make up as possible in the week leading up to your wedding. The same goes with your hair, the more you use flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers the more damaged and less shiny your hair will look. Especially if you have been skipping on hair cuts to grow out your hair. Most people would say to avoid tanning completely however if someone told me that about my wedding I would say their crazy! If you’re going to tan you should keep it minimal and safe. I would stay clear of spray tans unless you have a lot of experience with them. Next, remember to wax your eyebrows at least a week out from the wedding and don’t try any crazy new hair colors.

  • Come to your appointments prepared

First off scheduling a trial appointment is important. Regardless if you are going to your trial or it’s the morning of your wedding make sure you know how to prepare. Always wear a button down shirt or one with a loose collar that you can easily take off without messing up your hair or make up. Make sure your hair is clean but never wet when coming to the salon. I recommend washing your hair the night before and letting it air dry over night, you can blow dry in the morning if it’s still damp. Using a round brush, flat iron or curling iron right before your appointment makes it harder for us hairstylists to meet the end goal.

  • How to choose a hair style for your wedding

Choosing a hair style for your wedding can seem impossible so here are some tips to make it a bit easier. Remember the theme of your wedding, your dress style and any hair accessories you plan on adding. Try to think about how you usually wear your hair. Although this is your “big day” going with a style similar to something you normally wear will be more fitting. If you never wear your hair up on any other day consider something with one side pinned up, half up or put up loosely with hair still around your face. Remember the shape of your face. If you have a round face try a little volume at the top. If you have a long, oval face try a wider style that can be seen looking straight at you. Everyone wants to look fabulous for their wedding but people should also be able to recognize you!

  • Keep a pure diet

Keeping healthy months out from your wedding is extremely important. However I suggest staying away from abnormal diets within two weeks before the date. In that final week drink plenty of water. Try to stay away from greasy foods or anything that is high in sodium and alcohol. Eat food with natural antioxidants to help keep your skin and hair glowing. My favorites are pomegranate, berries and artichokes. Also if your yo-yo dieting leading up to your wedding you’ll be paying more for altercations to the dress.

  • Choose make up that will last all day

A lot of brides wonder whether to choose airbrush or traditional make up. I will always recommend airbrush make up for any day that long. It’s the best way to get as close to your natural skin tone as possible, it lasts all day, it’s water proof and it wont smear while you’re giving out hundreds of hugs. If you’re going to get it done make sure to seek a professional with great reviews. Also finding a salon that specializes in both hair and make up is more convenient.

  •  Prepare the groomsmen

We can always expect the ladies to be ready and looking good on the day of your event but the guys might need a helping hand. Remind them to get their hair cut at least a week before if it fits their style. Be careful of tan lines that come with fresh hair cuts. Prepare them a gift basket for the room with hair products, deodorant and toothbrush. What would they do without us!

  • Remember your hair stylist

As a bride and a stylist I have been on both sides of the fence. On my wedding day I felt confidant because I trusted my stylist. On your wedding day we do everything we can to make you feel as confidant as I did. We invest a lot of time planning for your day and we love the follow up. Try to remember and share your wedding pics on social media with your hair stylist.