Introducing Our new drone AKA The Falcon

Say hello to the eye in the sky! 

“Okay so maybe we went a touch overboard with this one… Is it just me, or is aerial footage one of the coolest additions to a video? With a name like Falcon Film Studios it only seemed fitting to bring you the vision of just that… a falcon!”

When it came time to sit down and choose a drone to add to the gear the choice was simple. Although a lot of our competition decided on drones much cheaper in cost than ours; we knew deep down that the DJI Inspire 1 was the drone for us. With its 4k recording capabilities(even in slow motion) the camera blows away most others. More importantly the inspire allowed us to fully control the motion of the camera. The landing gear actually raises in order to give you a 360 degree view without the blades hindering the shot.


Secondly Safety came into mind as a MAJOR concern, especially when shooting weddings. We chose a drone we could trust. With the inspire’s many safety features, it truly separates itself from the competition.

If your planning a shoot with Falcon Film Studios be sure to ask about the drone. Normally if the weather is right, it doesn’t take much to get The Falcon in the sky!

Check out a few examples of some of our first aerial shoots. Keep an eye out as our Drone demo reel goes live December 1st.  Follow us right here, Facebook or instagram